Being the starving (okay, lentil-eating) writer that I am, gifts generally come from the heart rather than my wallet. Since this birthday mixtape is full of sun-soaked summer jams with only a few weird autobiographical interjections (sorry in advance!) I thought I might share this one more widely.

Summer Fling Tracklist

1. “Summer Fling” by Pleasure Cruise (Business Or…)

2. “Genesis” by Grimes (Visions)

3. “Oblivion” by Grimes (Visions)

4. “Sweet Life” by Frank Ocean (Channel Orange)

5. “Pyramids” by Frank Ocean (Channel Orange)

6. “Are you… Can you… Were you? (Felt)” by Shabazz Palaces (Black Up)

7. ****Surprise Throwback Track ****

8. “Air Conditioning” DIIV (Oshin)

9. “Past Lives” DIIV (Oshin)

Photo of DIIV at NXNE via Vive Magazine.

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