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SCREENING: Edible City and Rerooting the Motor City

This week has me digging deeper into the world of public film screening, poster design and (of course) urban agriculture. Paper Tiger is screening its latest full-length film Rerooting the Motor City at a brand new community garden that opened Saturday in Brooklyn.

I checked out the space’s inaugural event (also a screening—of a documentary called My Brooklyn). Being there got me stoked to share the same wall space with Edible City, another a doc about the grassroots push to grow local produce in San Francisco. (Please don’t make fun of the poster I made.)

Documentaries! Gardens! DIY everything!

It’s worth noting the space was made possible through an incredible organization called 596 Acres. The New York Times wrote up the project earlier this year. A year of research went into revealing how much vacant city-owned land was up for the taking. Slowly neighborhoods are reclaiming these plots through interim use permits. I’ve never seen anything like it in Canadian cities, so I hope Toronto and Vancouver catch on soon.

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