FilmFEAST: when a film festival becomes a marathon (documentary trailer, 1:30 minutes)

Trailer edited by Sarah Berman, August 2013.
Shot by Dan Fairchild.
Directed by Patricia Hernandez.

The Adulthood – ’til death do us part (music video, 4 minutes)

Shot, produced and edited by Sarah Berman. July 2012.
Music by The Adulthood.

Transforming arms into art in Mozambique (Toronto Star blog, 3 minutes)

Shot, produced and edited by Sarah Berman. July 2011.
Interview by Sarah Feldbloom.

While working at a Malawian newspaper in 2011, I also produced video and podcast dispatches for the Toronto Star’s Africa Without Maps blog. Artist Fiel dos Santos shares why growing up in civil war pushed him to use decommissioned weapons in sculptures.

On Corporate Graffiti (independent, 12 minutes)

Shot, produced, written and edited by Sarah Berman. August 2010.
Music by Tobacco, HEALTH, Caribou, Boards of Canada.

As part of my masters thesis in journalism, I self-produced an independent documentary about New York graffiti artists seeking to “liberate” illegal billboards. According to the popular NYC street art blog Urban Prankster, “it does a great job of telling the story of the [New York Street Advertising Takeover] project and the positive impact it had on our streets.”

Big screens, bigger crowds (BBN3, 1.5 minutes)

Shot, written and edited by Sarah Berman. February 2010.
During the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, I worked as a video journalist for a start-up web newswire called Broadband Network Three. I produced same-day stories about the Games’ cultural impacts for clients like CHEK TV. Example description: “The music’s free, but you’ll have to pay with your time. Lineups outside LiveCity Yaletown can last up to five hours, but many concert-goers say it’s worth the wait.”

Goodbye Cobalt! (Thunderbird TV, 3 minutes)

After smashing heads and melting faces for nearly a decade, Vancouver’s hardcore bar shut its doors October 1, 2009. Shot, produced, written and edited by Sarah Berman and Erin Empey. September 2009.


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