This Seattle non-profit wants to compost dead people

There are a million different ways to die, but only three ways to (legally) dispose of a body. You can be cremated, you can be buried, or you can donate your corpse to a medical school (the school will eventually cremate you, FYI).

Meet the menstruators fighting Canada’s ‘tampon tax’

It’s an uncomfortable conversation at first, but once a tax exemption on menstrual products is in place, you won’t even notice it’s there.

That’s the tongue-in-cheek messaging Jill Piebiak and Kathleen Fraser have packed into a petition calling for Canadian tax law to reclassify tampons as “essential” medical devices like contact lenses or adult diapers.

Victoria’s Secret: Dumping raw sewage like it’s 1915

When friends of mine recently got norovirus from eating foraged Gulf Island oysters, my first instinct was a strange one. I blamed Victoria.

More specifically, I blamed Victoria’s raw sewage, which is pumped out to the Juan de Fuca Strait at a rate of 130 million litres per day.

2015 will be a terrible year for Alberta oil

Less investment, less drilling, and possibly a recession: I’m no financial expert, but based on several reports from Canada’s leading oil-industry stakeholders, there’s no good news coming for Alberta’s economy in 2015.

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan has declared war on Kinder Morgan

​”This is going to be a war.” In the context of recent clashes between police and protesters on Burnaby Mountain over a proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, you might guess this was said by one of the 73 people who were arrested over the weekend.