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‘Pressure Cooker’ featured on Apple’s list of top new podcasts in 2022

End-of-year list season is a good time to introduce the investigative project I’ve been working on for the last two years, right?

One of the first criminal trials I ever attended as a freelancer for VICE Canada is now the focus of a CBC podcast written and produced by me, filmmaker Dan Pierce and CBC reporter Rafferty Baker. We aimed to take listeners on a journey through one of Canada’s most elaborate and controversial undercover police stings. That meant combing through more than a hundred hours of surveillance tape, reviewing thousands of pages of internal RCMP documents, and recording dozens of new never-before-heard interviews.

Maybe you’re already familiar with the John Nuttall and Amanda Korody case. I wrote a big piece about it back in September. Some listeners prefer to dive in fresh, and I totally respect that choice. I don’t think I’ll spoil the plot by saying the undercover sting goes way off the rails.

Did I mention the show is called Pressure Cooker? It was recently named one of Apple’s top 100 new podcasts in 2022. Cheers to that, and more to come in 2023!

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