This Seattle non-profit wants to compost dead people

There are a million different ways to die, but only three ways to (legally) dispose of a body. You can be cremated, you can be buried, or you can donate your corpse to a medical school (the school will eventually cremate you, FYI).

Meet the menstruators fighting Canada’s ‘tampon tax’

It’s an uncomfortable conversation at first, but once a tax exemption on menstrual products is in place, you won’t even notice it’s there.

That’s the tongue-in-cheek messaging Jill Piebiak and Kathleen Fraser have packed into a petition calling for Canadian tax law to reclassify tampons as “essential” medical devices like contact lenses or adult diapers.

Victoria’s Secret: Dumping raw sewage like it’s 1915

When friends of mine recently got norovirus from eating foraged Gulf Island oysters, my first instinct was a strange one. I blamed Victoria.

More specifically, I blamed Victoria’s raw sewage, which is pumped out to the Juan de Fuca Strait at a rate of 130 million litres per day.

2015 will be a terrible year for Alberta oil

Less investment, less drilling, and possibly a recession: I’m no financial expert, but based on several reports from Canada’s leading oil-industry stakeholders, there’s no good news coming for Alberta’s economy in 2015.

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan has declared war on Kinder Morgan

​”This is going to be a war.” In the context of recent clashes between police and protesters on Burnaby Mountain over a proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, you might guess this was said by one of the 73 people who were arrested over the weekend.

Reporting from the First Nations resistance camp that’s evicting Imperial Metals

After a man-made lake full of mining waste spilled in British Columbia in early August, locals have been up in arms about the residual damage caused. We visited an active First Nations mining resistance camp that sits eight kilometres away from the spill zone.

Search and rescue, doggy-style

When my cat went missing this summer, the last place I thought to look was the Internet.

Don’t get me wrong—I look at cute animals on the interwebs as much as the next Buzzfeed reader. I just never thought such an activity would somehow result in my pet’s return.