The RCMP and CSIS are creeping on environ­mentalists

Heavily redacted documents released in November show that Canadian spies ‘monitored’ opponents of the Enbridge Northern Gateway through social media, blogs and a storytelling workshop at a church in Kelowna, B.C.


BC’s ‘other’ multi-billion dollar energy projects

Most Canadians are vaguely aware that Enbridge is planning a massive pipeline expansion through northern British Columbia. But there are two other megaprojects in BC—one more costly, the other more risky—flying under the radar.

VIFF: Launching local eco-docs

Sitting on a patio across from Mountain Equipment Co-op on Broadway, filmmaker Frank Wolf tells me about how he got into making environmental documentaries.

“I had always done remote wilderness trips around the world,” he says. “I began seeing first-hand how the environment was being degraded.”

Enabled by his day-job at MEC, Wolf has hiked, biked and paddled much of Canada’s wilderness on a shoestring budget. Beginning in 2003, Wolf added lightweight camera gear to the equation, turning his excursions into feature-length films.